The Truman Brewery, levels G1 & T1
20 & 21 March 2024


ARCHITECT@WORK London is set for the best edition ever!

19 August 2019

Never before in the history of our London event have applications been so popular: exhibitors are lining up at a speed that our team never witnessed before. Besides this, architectural firms are very keen on soliciting for speaker opportunities. Signs that the 2020 edition is bound to break all records.

Theme for this year’s edition will be Sensory Design | Acting Natural: new ways in which architecture and the environment converge. 
A total immersive experience using sensory materials related to the human senses of vision, hearing, taste, smell and touch will be created in the curation section of the event. Talks will discuss items like materiality, ‘is technology the new environment?’, how is architecture re-connecting to nature, etc.

Be part of this unique event on 29 & 30 January at the Old Truman Brewery (levels G1 & T1).

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