Old Truman Brewery, 30 - 31 January 2019

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Pop-Up RIBA Bookshop

Visit the RIBA pop-up bookshop during ARCHITECT@WORK for a selected range of  the latest architecture and design books from around the world.

Materials curation by MaterialDriven

MaterialDriven is a design consultancy and materials library in London. With an exciting range of materials in our collection we pay special attention to innovative materials, their applications, impact, and the creators behind them. MaterialDriven consults for architects, designers and brands who are looking for materials that address some of the key issues of our time- sustainability, performance, energy efficiency, waste, health and wellbeing and much more. Working with both established manufacturers and individual material makers, we help bring technically advanced and specialized materials to the design industry, and support emerging materials evolve from prototype to product.

ART by Koninklijke Tichelaar

The company’s complex restoration of a seventeenth-century flower pyramid, one of the most prized pieces in the Rijksmuseum, prompted it to assign the project Pyramids of Makkum to four designers with whom the company felt it had a very close relationship.

PROJECT WALL by world-architects.com

Project wall by world-architects.com This touring exhibition is a selection of projects from world-architects members internationally. The selection‘s programmatic and formal differences represent a diversified cross-section of the architects‘ more recent work, while also bringing young emerging offices and established names together in an attempt to depict the current image of the industry.

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