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RIBA pop-up bookshop

Pop-up bookshop for architects and designers by RIBA. This year the RIBA pop-up bookshop is back at ARCHITECT@WORK.

Browse and purchase books and magazines from RIBA’s unrivalled range of the best architecture, design and construction publications from around the world.

Materials curation 'Designing for the Senses' by MaterialDriven

We understand and navigate the world with all five of our senses. Sensory Design enhances awareness of the material world and creates an emotional reaction to it through stimulation of our visceral responses. It encompasses both experimental work and practical solutions designed to inspire wonder and new ways of connecting to our surroundings. Certain materials activate different senses, and with deeper exploration and engagement, this response can be harnessed into the design of our products and environments.

PROJECT WALL by world-architects.com

For the third time, the ARCHITECT@WORK Project Wall shows the diversity of the work of world-architects member companies.


Imagine: a beach in Kenya, white sand and blue waves. The sun shines down on what is left behind by the waves. Seaweed, shells and something completely different. Something that doesn't belong there, a flip-flop. In fact, the whole beach is scattered with these flip flops!

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