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Nature-inspired, sustainable flooring that rethinks spatial design


16 March 2023

Artcore from modulyss® takes its cues from the wild, transforming what soft flooring can do to reimagine a space, with a strong sustainability story underpinning its design. 


Artcore is inspired by nature and has a tactile appeal for the senses.


Artcore is modulyss®’ latest collection of carpet tiles, which pushes the boundaries in terms of what soft flooring can do. This modular design features patterns and gradients that shape and transform the spaces we live in. It uses the transitions found in nature and between nature and the man-made as its inspiration. Architects and designers are therefore able to transform commercial interiors into interconnected and multifunctional spaces.


The collection echoes the intricate textures found in our natural environment.


Artcore’s designer Joris Peutz has created four patterns: Core, Mezzo, Litho and Etch. When mixed together, these have a tactile appeal enabling completely bespoke design to be created. The collection is based on the principles of biophilic design, offering the uplift in wellbeing that comes from time spent in nature.


As in the natural world, the Artcore collection offers a wide range of both muted and vibrant colours so that design professionals can create the exact aesthetic they have in mind, from a feeling of calm to a high energy environment.


The design creates one-of-a-kind organics pattern with a biophilic ambience.


The colours also have optimal light reflectance values (LRV) which not only lead to lower energy consumption, but also have a positive effect on productivity and wellbeing. Plus, thanks to its comfortBackeco backing, Artcore helps acoustically too as the dense felt layer makes spaces calmer and quieter.


Artcore has strong sustainability credentials, being composed of 100% regenerated ECONYL® nylon yarn. The production of this material is uniquely efficient: taking nylon from waste materials such as fishing nets and old carpets, rescuing them from building sites and oceans respectively and feeding them back into production cycles.


Artcore features nearly two thirds overall recycled content.


Artcore tiles also feature ecoBack or comfortBackeco, both 100% recyclable, Cradle to Cradle Certified® Gold backings, which are designed with the circular economy in mind and can easily be disassembled and recycled into new backing solutions. The entire Artcore collection is Cradle to Cradle Certified® Gold, inkeeping with modulyss®’ ambitions for thoughtful sustainability.


This collection of nature-inspired patterns offers endless possibilities for creating happier, healthier, more sustainable spaces.


 © all pictures: modulyss®

Nature-inspired, sustainable flooring that rethinks spatial design
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