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When innovative design responds to sustainability


24 November 2022

Spanish company Nanimarquina has been on a sustainable journey in the way its beautiful hand-woven rugs are designed and produced.


Nanimarquina has been creating rugs for indoor and outdoor for over thirty-five years.


Nani Marquina founded the company that bears her name in Barcelona in 1987. Since then, the firm has developed a passion for designing exquisite rugs suitable for both private and public projects around the world.


As well as contemporary design, nanimarquina has always had sustainability at the heart of what it does.


Today, nanimarquina combines contemporary style with exceptional knowhow in creating precious hand-woven rugs by weavers in India and Pakistan, using ancient techniques. While other firms are at the start of their climate-conscious journey, sustainability has been a constant throughout this company’s evolution and it is continuing to work every day to generate a positive impact on our environment.


Nanimarquina designs long-lasting rugs that do not encourage the throwaway culture we currently live in. Instead, its products can be recycled at the end of their lifecycle. The brand has long valued craftsmanship, using natural and recycled fibres of the highest quality, using biodegradable and chemical-free products, and recycled plastic packaging.This year, recognising its efforts to reduce its carbon footprint, nanimarquina has achieved the Climate Neutral certification, after developing a way of measuring, reducing and offsetting energy by supporting projects that generate clean energy. 


Nanimarquina’s latest sustainable innovation, Re-Rug, involves using leftover wool and turning it into new yarn.


The latest chapter in the story of nanimarquina’s sustainability is the launch of Re-Rug, its first circular collection. The idea behind this range is using leftover wool accumulated during its own production. After a long research process, nanimarquina discovered how to recover this wool and transform it to create a new yarn suitable for weaving. Each Re-Rug uses one kg/m2 of reprocessed wool, thereby directly helping to reduce waste, as well as reducing CO2 emission since no virgin material needs to be produced or transported.
You can find out more about Re- Rug here:


Re-rug is a sustainable choice for architects and designers by reducing waste and reducing CO2 emissions. There are a total of 10 different Re-Rugs to choose from.


Nanimarquina understands that its passion for rugs should include taking care of the environment, being aware of its social responsibility and proposing sustainable alternatives. Architects and interior designers can now reduce the environmental impact of both their indoor and outdoor projects by choosing nanimarquina rugs and collaborating with the company in creating a zero-emissions future.


All the pictures: © nanimarquina

When innovative design responds to sustainability
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