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Nature as inspiration for high quality, sustainable flooring

30 November 2021

Our natural surroundings have and always will be a rich and ever-present source of inspiration. Flooring specialist 2tec2 has harnessed the trend for nature-inspired environments and combined it with a dedication to preserving the world beneath our feet for its latest innovative collections Marble and Desert.



Fior takes its name from the term for ‘wildflower’ by the Italian masons who first used this stone. It is delicate and supple with a pearly mixture infused with warm tendrils of white to give it a certain softness.



Nature possesses infinite beauty and potential which makes it such a rich seam of inspiration. Couple this with sustainability becoming an increasingly important part of the design landscape and it is clear Mother Earth is making her way into interiors from offices to retail and hospitality. Responding to this trend, 2tec2, a Belgian family flooring firm, has just launched two new woven vinyl collections: Marble and Desert which preserve the beauty of nature which inspired them while epitomising hard-wearing, high quality designs. The two new woven collections are available in rolls and tiles and come with 2tec2’s Acoustic Comfort Backing to reduce sound as well as being heat,  water and UV resistant.



Portoro is defined by the harsh contrast of light and dark, an elegant statement material that has both haunting and breathtaking qualities.



The Marble collection is inspired by the material that architects have used to create breathtaking buildings throughout the ages, from the Taj Mahal to Roman palaces and Greek monuments. Each design features the unmistakable streaks of colour that are unique to its namesake. The Marble collection is available in a mix of base tones and uses shading to achieve depth of appearance and add a sense of history to any floor it is specified for.



Drawing inspiration from the cold terrain, Antarctic’s flowing pattern is a reflection of this raw, unforgiving landscape, inspired by the cracked glaciers and frozen plains that make up the snowy Antarctic tundra.  



The Desert collection takes its name from the awe-inspiring stretches of arid wasteland found around the world, from the Antarctic to the Gobi. While the collection’s pattern may appear simple, just like the terrain it is named after, each piece consists of a vibrant ecosystem, creating an impressive lasting impression. The high-quality woven vinyl is available in several versions including Antarctic, which draws on the look and feel of the planet’s southern-most point, Namib, inspired by the coastal South African desert and Hoyos, which weaves together three rich shades.



Named after Egypt’s peculiar, desert landscape, Farafra is a magnificent pattern of colours with swirling, light hues that dance atop the base notes while  below is reminiscent of the white capped dunes.



Both collections have the look of a carpet but with the durability of hard flooring. They also embody 2tec2’s dedication to sustainability, from integrating its production cycle to one central location to creating products without Phthalates or heavy metals to investing heavily in pre- and post-consumer recycling. In this way, 2tec2 strives to deliver a durable, superior product, while also preserving and protecting the world.


All pictures: © 2TEC2 

Nature as inspiration for high quality, sustainable flooring
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