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Acoustics in action

29 April 2021

Acoustic panels can play a key role in a range of environments, not just in terms of banishing noise but also enhancing the overall appearance of an interior, and upholding sustainability credentials as Italian firm CUF Milano demonstrates.



The Tetrix range provides a playful addition to a reception area.



Loud noise in any environment can be problematic, with the World Health Authority citing it as a threat linked with a number of short and long term health problems. In a workplace setting for example, bad acoustics are also associated with performance drops of up to 66% and elsewhere excess noise whether in universities, theatres or hotels strongly impacts the enjoyment of these spaces. Getting the right levels of noise is key, which is where professional acoustic solutions come in.



Colour options can be used to contrast colours.



CUF Milano’s Tetrix collection is a playful take on a popular 1980s video game. Its modular composition allows the architect or designer to mix and match the coloured panels, adding a pop of colour or creating a sense of harmony while solving the technical need of reducing reverberation time. In office projects they have provided a focal point for rows of workstations or crucial wayfinding towards a break out area. CUF Milano’s panels are made with 100% polyester fibre and covered with a range of fabrics. Panels can also be customized to meet the needs of the client. For an estate agent client, Tetrix created textural interest, as well as providing sound absorptive properties.



Add a pop of colour to an office using Tetrix acoustic panels.



Acoustic partition walls offer complete flexibility, as they are available in multiple dimensions, with the supporting bases reaching over 200cm from the floor. Bases are available in different heights and in two neutral colours, white or grey, that make the vibrant hues of the panels stand out even more. They are a greener choice too, as they can be made of recycled and recyclable material, allowing users to gain useful points to reach LEED certification.



Acoustic panels add a decorative element to walls.



All pictures: © CUF Milano 



Acoustics in action
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