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The beauty of glazed bricks

29 April 2021

Glazed bricks from AAB, the UK arm of Dutch brick manufacturer Rijswaard Baksteen, are a beautiful addition to a project, providing not only stunning aesthetics but also durability. Advances in manufacturing by AAB’s supply partner Mora Ceramics have also reduced their environmental impact.


Glazed bricks have a long history of use in the UK. The effect occurred thanks to an act of serendipity: glazed bricks were originally created because of their location in the kiln stack. Since that happy accident, they have become a popular design option for architects and designers looking for a hard-wearing yet beautiful material. The process of glazing developed over the years to become increasingly complex and skilled. Soon, glazed bricks were able to be produced in almost any colour.

The story of glazed bricks continued as the firing process then became two-fold. The first firing stage involved making the bricks, with the second stage producing the beautiful glazed effect. Manufacturing in this way meant increased cost as well as environmental impact.



The glazed bricks are an attractive addition to the entrance to this building.



A unique system developed by AAB’s supply partner Mora Ceramics of firing both the brick and the glazed finish simultaneously was developed. This was the result of extensive research, using the highest quality clays combined with special glazes. The elimination of this second firing process resulted in cost savings and also, crucially, reduced the carbon footprint. Although there is a slight reduction in the amount of colour options, this is outweighed by the cost and overall environmental benefits for sizeable projects. Waste savings can also be made thanks to packs featuring 30% header and stretcher, so companies do not have to specifically allow for the ordering of stretcher-only and stretcher-header packs.



The Onyx Black glazed brick here appears almost silver in the light.



Colour-wise, glazed bricks offer multitude of hues to choose from, with bespoke blending options available to ensure a range of façade options to suit a variety of projects. A stand out colour option within the range is Onyx Black, a black glazed brick with a stunning metallic finish. This brick type has already elevated the look and feel of a number or projects from commercial to residential. Onyx Black can be paired with a variety of building elements. The end result is a breathtaking facade, using quality materials which will stand the test of time, giving an almost silver colour to the walls in certain lights. 



Glazed bricks add to the aesthetics of a facade while also being a durable option.



In short, glazed bricks offer not only aesthetic appeal but durability and reduced environmental impact.


Alle foto's: © AAB

The beauty of glazed bricks
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