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What moves architects and interior designers?

29 April 2021

Community news and emerging trends in the new and carefully curated A@W Newsletter


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The unique and highly successful trade show format ARCHITECT@WORK, which is active in 16 different countries and 30 event locations, is growing and developing continuously.


Coming up next in our expansion plan is the brand new A@W Newsletter, which will inform architects, interior designers, planners and design enthusiasts about the latest in product innovations,  expert opinions and trends in architecture & design.


Gain insights by reading the various interviews, product highlights, exhibitor projects and content articles – which are all accompanied by lively images.


Curious in finding out more?

People tend to be inquisitive: Where does a product come from? How exactly is it made and what is it composed of? Is a product sustainable enough to be used in an era where environmental awareness is top of mind? The A@W newsletter offers a wide range of topics and aims to pick up on recent trends.


The newsletter is available for all areas our live events cover.


Enjoy this very first issue of the A@W UK Newsletter!

What moves architects and interior designers?
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