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Automated space-saving parking solutions


29 September 2022

Anyone who has ever planned and executed construction projects in urban conurbations knows that they often have to work with very limited space. Architects are increasingly faced with the question of how to create sufficient parking spaces in a limited area. The use of car lifts and automatic parking systems can help to increase the number of parking spaces, as well as providing sufficient space for living accommodation, while at the same time allowing more creative freedom in terms of architectural design.


For every project there is the right car lift or automatic parking system solution  
 Lödige Industries


Examples of automated space saving, parking solutions by Lödige Industries include a renovation project called the Artesia in Amsterdam. This refurbishment project by REB Projects covers several buildings on the prestigious area of Herengracht. The aim here is to transform the adjacent streets into one coherent building complex.


Because the building complex is located close to a canal and is also surrounded by historical buildings, the space for parking was very limited. With the help of Lödige’s pallet-based automatic parking system, called Respace 23 parking spaces were created.


Rendering of The Artesia conversion project © Lödige Industries / REB Projects


The second examples is in Wijnhaven Island in the centre of Rotterdam. Here, two Traffico car lifts from Lödige Industries were integrated in the project, an elegant residential tower in an area between the city centre and the River Maas. Because of the size of the building and the number of parking spaces required, it was impossible to install a ramp. But, thanks to the two lifts, the parking area could be reduced from three to two floors without losing any parking spaces. Residents are offered a luxurious, comfortable and safe parking experience, which is achieved through the high-quality design of the cabin and the user-friendly technology of the car lifts.


Two Traffico car lifts were integrated at the elegant urban residential tower in Rotterdam © Lödige Industries / Jeroen Hoorn and Martijn Verhagen


For further information visit the brand new product finder on the website:

Automated space-saving parking solutions
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