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Art Deco-inspired wallcoverings


29 September 2022


Divina Collection calls for a dream (Subject Bette)


There is a recurring trend in contemporary interiors, which is to create spaces that stimulate the senses, something which Glamora’s wallcovering Divina does exceptionally well. This special edition is based on the codes of the 1920s and 1930s and evokes the sophisticated atmospheres of the time. Plants, foliage and flower remain key elements as they are widely recognised as adding character to any interior, from the most traditional to the wholly modern. 


The collection offers warm, neutral tones which echo colours found in nature. The pattern features images of plants, flowers and tropical foliage which are outlined in shades of gold, brass and platinum tones, which reflect light and create depth. A feeling of movement is also created thanks to these oversized images expressed in gentle brushstrokes. The Divina range adds a dreamy, delicate feel to any interior. 



Warm, natural colours create a delicate atmosphere (Subject Carole)


The decorative scenes which form the Divina collection are designed for use on GlamSatin, a unique and high-quality luminescent material which adds vibrant shimmer and light. Reminiscent of the elegance of silk, it has an understated luxury that is rich to the touch. The result of research by Glamora, it is composed of a viscose fabric, combined with mineral powder. The special iridescent embossing reflects light so every element portrayed takes shape in a highly natural and visually expressive way.



GlamSatin, a unique and bright high-quality material


The Divina collection is tailor made to uniquely enhance any interior. This allows architects complete freedom when they are designing spaces. The collection is suitable for a wide range of environments, from residential interiors to high-end hotels, restaurants, workplaces and much more.  It can also be custom made to add that personal touch to a room.  


Its soft hues, elegant weaving and light designs make it an ideal choice for both bedrooms and living rooms in modern or classic interiors. In public spaces, meanwhile, it gives a unique character to large expanses of wall space.



Divina Collection is custom-made and can be personalized (Subject Tamara)


To discover Divina Collection in more detail and as well as all the other collections created by Glamora, visit 


All pictures: © Glamora





Art Deco-inspired wallcoverings
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