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Traditional forms reinterpreted – Villa Void, Norway

29 July 2021

With its clear lines Villa Void is inspired by the forms of existing houses in the neighbourhood. The combination of materials—darkgrey Swisspearl panels on the outer skin, and a warm wooden interior, also used on the recessed exterior areas—underline the sculptural character of the house.

The darkgrey Swisspearl panels underline the sculptural character of the house.

Villa Void is situated in Saltnes, a village south of Norway’s capital Oslo, on a lush, west-facing site with views towards the outskirts of Oslofjorden. Tall pine trees and a gentle slope towards the northwest characterize the site. From the onset, the architects Resell + Nicca decided that the 29 pine trees would be preserved, that the design of the house would correspond to the various levels on the plot, and the trees would be visible from the key areas within the house.

With its staggered sequence of rooms, the house blends into the sloping terrain. The choice of materials and precise detailing create clear, sharp-edged lines. 

The clarity of the concept is emphasized by the materiality of the building, with the basic form given a homogenous and precise surface clad in large-format Swisspearl panels, thus enhancing its sculptural qualities. Recessed parts—where people are in proximity to the façade—are clad in a warmer, textured material; namely oak.

The dark grey Swisspearl panels form a hard, protective skin around the soft wooden core.

By gluing the Swisspearl panels to underlying metal laths, the façades  are given a clean and distinct appearance. The versatility of the Swisspearl panels is illustrated by the various applications: on the exterior of the house, as cladding on the roof, cladding on the garage door, window linings, railings, and the doors on cabinets.

Nice view towards the outskirts of Oslofjorden.

Architects: Resell + Nicca AS, Oslo
Photos: Olav Resell, Oslo
Facade material: Swisspearl Largo Carat Black Opal 7020 (R)


All pictures: © Swisspearl

Traditional forms reinterpreted – Villa Void, Norway
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