Old Truman Brewery, 27 & 28 January 2021

Order form visitor database

As an exhibitor you can buy a list with the addresses of our visitors.

The price is £ 0,40 per address.

We had 1998 visitors this year, an increase of 2%. We had a setback of 14% on the first day of the event, due to the awful weather, but managed to overturn that on the second day with a 16% growth compared to the same day last year.
Unfortunately the level of commitment is still very low in the UK. As soon as either traffic or weather are not on our side anymore, visitors no longer want to commit.
We are very pleased that we managed to overturn this, and the strong growth on the second day proves that A@W is getting more and more important to people in the UK.

Double entries will only be charged once and addresses will only be passed on if the person in question has given us permission to do so (Law on Privacy).

The file contains 328 names (name, function, address, company, phone number, fax, email) and costs £ 123,20 + VAT. The addresses of students (20) have not been charged.

After your order we will send you the database by e-mail (Excel).

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