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The Innovative Interviews

ARCHITECT@WORK has commissioned UK-based design and architectural journalist Giovanna Dunmall to conduct a series of interviews with architects, developers and engineers asking them to reflect on everything from their current projects to which designer they would most like to sit next to at dinner and what is their favourite design/architecture book. The list of these books will be specially highlighted as part of the pop up bookshop by RIBA. These Innovative Interviews in conjunction with RIBA Journal will be published on ARCHITECT@WORK's website and in the show guide.

Interview 10: Alex de Rijke (26/01/2017)

Interview 9: Peter Chowns (25/01/2017)

Interview 8: Tom Goodall (24/01/2017)

Interview 7: Roger Ridsdill Smith (20/01/2017)

Interview 6: Ana Abram (17/01/2017)

Interview 5: Roger Madelin (12/01/2017)

Interview 4: Michael Pawlyn (10/01/2017)

Interview 3: Steve Webb (20/12/2016)

Interview 2: Julia Barfield (13/12/2016)

Interview 1: Chris Romer-Lee (7/12/2016)

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