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Wateration by SCIN™

The Material Source: Materials that come from Water

From water come infinite materials that are used and applied in a range of industries. Some of them are natural like seaweed, shells or Neptune balls others are solutions to the material waste that is floating in our seas like Bionic Yarn. Water not only brings life, but it is a constant source of materiality.

The Physical Connection: Interacting with Water

Water is one of the four elements essential to life. But it can also be powerful and destructive, leaving it's mark. Understanding water is important when developing materials, especially in construction. Tiles that redirect water, or paving that filters it, can help prevent flooding. While creating a weathered and aged look can be achieved by putting materials in contact with water. There are infinite ways to bring water into design.

The Chemical Reaction: Hydrophilic and Hydrophobic

Materials that naturally repel water, causing droplets to form on the surface, are known as hydrophobic. Used in coatings and paints to protect surfaces from the powerful effects of water, or to create self-cleaning fabrics, water repellent materials are key to a variety of industrial applications. Materials with a special affinity for water are known as hydrophilic. This means that when applying water, it spreads across the surface maximising contact allowing the material to dissolve, mix or absorb it. From meltable bio-plastics, to expanding resins and dissolvable paper, these materials interact with water transforming their properties.

The Aesthetic Inspiration: Looking like Water

The glint and the shine of water is imitated and reproduced by a variety of materials, most commonly glass and acrylic but also fabric and marble. From waves to bubbles, we are constantly looking for ways to capture water's essence.

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