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Cape Town Art Agency

At the beginning of December 2016, William Sweetlove and Cape Town Art Agency (CTAA) managed to set up a temporary art exhibition in Antarctica to create awareness of environmental issues.

The Innovative Interviews

ARCHITECT@WORK has commissioned UK-based design and architectural journalist Giovanna Dunmall to conduct a series of interviews with architects, developers and engineers.

Pop-Up RIBA Bookshop

Visit the RIBA pop-up bookshop during ARCHITECT@WORK for a selected range of  the latest architecture and design books from around the world.

Wateration by SCIN™

The Material Source: Materials that come from Water.

From water come infinite materials that are used and applied in a range of industries. Some of them are natural like seaweed, shells or Neptune balls others are solutions to the material waste that is floating in our seas like Bionic Yarn. Water not only brings life, but it is a constant source of materiality.

Matière grise by Pavillon de l'Arsenal

GREY MATTER, Materials, Reuse, Architecture

Considering the considerable paucity of materials and the “Métropole Zéro Déchet” (Zero Waste Metropolis) ambition, architects Julien Choppin and Nicola Delon from the Encore Heureux architectural design agency explore the issue of the reuse of building materials at a pivotal point in time, when architecture is aspiring to reinvent itself, caught as it is between environmental and economic constraints and the need to find new uses for used materials.

Images by DAPh

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